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WLU-3C wireless node

The self-developed WLU-3C wireless node has a built-in highly sensitive three-component sensor and is designed with functions of data acquisition, large data storage, operating status monitoring, data wireless transmission, etc

  • Overview
  • Performance
  • Case
  • Attention

    ● high precision seismic exploration
    ?● passive source surface wave exploration
    ?● microseismic monitoring

                         WLU-3C Wireless Node              WLU-3C Recorder


    1. Totally Cable-free
    ■ The WLU-3C makes field layout more flexible and convenient as no cable is need to connect.
    ■ Node specifications and data harvesting can be operated through wireless network, improving the efficiency of field work.  
    ■ It has better SNR as there is no circuit noise.
    2. Ad-Hoc Network
    ■ It can automatically creates a wireless network capable of connecting all WLU-3C nodes to the recorder without any additional wireless devices.
    ■ High-speed Ad-Hoc Network allows real-time data transmission for consecutively sampling.
    ■ Low-speed Ad-Hoc Network allows real-time data transmission for single trigger.
    ■ The built-in positioning system can automatically record the spread location.
    3. Real-time
    ■ It can monitor the ambient noise, GPS status, memory status, battery level in real-time.
    ■ It can collect all acquisition data in real-time to and analyze their quality at the same time.
    4. More scalable
    ■ It can scale to tens of thousands of channels, easy to realize real 3D seismic exploration with large spread.
    5. 4G capability
    ■ All kinds of network supplied by mobile network operators are supported and can be used for remote monitoring, real-time data transmission to the remote control center.




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