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HX-JDT-02B Borehole Radio Wave Penetration Meter

The borehole radio wave perspection meter adopts high performance, low power consumption and high integration device design, with large transmission power, wide dynamic range, high receiver sensitivity and stable performance

  • Overview
  • Performance
  • Case
  • Attention

    - Copper, chromium and other metal exploration
    - Detection of mined-out areas
    - Exploration of caverns, cracks and broken development zones
    - Exploration of rock weathering zones
    - Injection quality testing of karst roadbed

    - The system adopts the latest electronic technology with high integration. There is no need to replace the crystal when switching frequencies.
    - Transmitter probe is high in energy and receiver probe is high in sensitivity.
    - Wide operating frequency range, large dynamic range and good consistency.
    - Support sweep mode. The measurement is high in efficiency as it can collect data of multiple frequencies at the same time.
    - Visual interface.Visual display of data, field strength curves, observation maps, etc.
    - Invalid data can be deleted or cancelled on site and data can be automatically saved.
    - Automatic counting pulleys is available for automatic data collection.
    - Built-in lithium battery is available in the probe, offers enough power for more than 24 hours on one charge.
    - Integrated design of the transmitter and receiver. There are two operating modes: touch screen and knobs. The operation is simple and convenient.
    - low-power ARM main control computer, allows the instrument to work continuously for more than 12 hours.
    - Fully functioning data analysis function, offers various functions, such as field strength analysis, analysis based on intersection method and apparent absorption coefficient CT profile analysis.




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