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HX-JTM-03B/Φ76-Φ110 loose geological model measuring instrument (digital typ

At present, it is ideal for deformation modulus and elastic modulus testing equipment under loose geological conditions

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    - Detection of deformation modulus and elastic modulus under loose underground geological condition
    - Acquisition of rock parameters and guidance for the classification of rock mass
    - Guidance for bedrock grouting treatment procedures and optimizing construction design

    - The probe is provided with video observation equipment, showing borehole and lithological conditions in real time so as to ensure the safety of equipment in borehole.
    - An electronic compass is optional for the probe to determine the orientation of testing point.
    - Provided with low-power digital host control box and built-in battery allowing to work continuously for 6~8 hours.
    - Visual Windows interface, real-time data observation and acquisition, automatic data storage, convenient operation and high detection efficiency.
    - The pressure curve and displacement curve of the bearing pressure plate at the measuring point can be viewed in real time.
    - Provided with imported oil pump and sensors with a displacement accuracy of 0.001mm.
    - High-precision data acquisition with a conversion accuracy of 13-bit.
    - The analysis software has a friendly interface. Elastic modulus can be calculated automatically after setting the parameters. Data can be automatically exported to Excel which is easy for the engineering staff to edit and process.
    - This tester is light in weight and convenient for operation and transportation.
    - Excellent after-sales service and technical support. On-site training is available.




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