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HX-MG-01A Anchor Rod Detector

The HX-MG-01A type anchor detector is independently developed by our company adopts integrated design and features small size, light weight, low power consumption, high safety and strong anti-interference ability

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    It is widely used for the integrity detection of anchor rods/cables used in the slopes of large-scale construction projects such as road, railway, water conservancy and port: inspection of anchor rods/cables length, grouting density and anchoring defect location.

    - High sampling accuracy: The AD sampling accuracy is 24 bits and the sampling rate is 0.25us (4MHz).
    - High safety factor without high pressure, low power consumption, continuous operating time up to 12 hours.
    - Good consistency: highly repeatable in sampling, large screen displaying multiple curves at the same time.
    - Built-in dedicated high power super magnetic anchor source: The source has the characteristics of broad frequency band, short aftershocks, good repeatability and adjustable energy.
    - The whole system is fully waterproof and suitable for tunnels, pits and other high humidity and high temperature environments.
    - Powerful analysis software: anchor rod/anchoring model and corresponding analysis parameters can be established intelligently. Many auxiliary analysis functions are available.
    - Detection results can be directly imported into the EXCEL sheet to obtain printed graph of detection results. The output mode and content of result report can be customized flexibly and conveniently according to user’s needs.




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